Picturing America’s Pastime

Field of View

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Pioneers in St. Paul
Red’s got the grip
A Day for Joe

Kiner’s Corner of Cooperstown
College Days
Big Ben Blues

Power Ball
Willie and Satch
The Roaring Twenties

Arm’s Reach
Picture This
The World Series Comes to Candlestick

Something Old, Something New
The Roll Players of Baseball
Ray Dandridge

Out of Hibernation
Ottawa Tartan
City Scribes

Recycling Scrap Iron
Terrapin Park, 1914
Bragging Rights in Chicago

Wrigley Field
First Stars

Home Run King
Legendary Interview
Uncle Miltie Meets Samson

1959 All-Stars
Minor Leagues, Major League Beauty
Young Mickey Mantle

Shea Stadium
Swing of Her Own
Highlanders at Happy Hollow