Each year, hundreds of artifacts are donated to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Each artifact tells an important story. Each has a special place in the rich history of baseball.

The Hall of Fame is proud to display many of these unique objects so that fans around the world can view them and learn about their significance. But how do these treasures of baseball make their way to Cooperstown? What processes must take place before they can be put on display? What care is taken with the objects so that they will last for generations to come?

In August of 1999, Tony Gwynn notched his 3,000th career hit: a milestone achievement that few ballplayers have attained. Tony generously donated to the Hall of Fame some very special artifacts from the historic moment. In order to answer the questions posed above and give the curious fan a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Hall of Fame, we carefully documented just how artifacts from Tony Gwynn's 3,000th career hit made it from the ballpark to the Hall of Fame.

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