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What uniform did the Cardinals wear when they won their first World Series in 1926? What did the Reds uniform look like when Frank Robinson won the Rookie of the Year Award in 1956? And did Barry Bonds ever don one of those horizontally-striped Pirates caps when he first came up with Pittsburgh? These questions and many more can be answered thanks primarily to baseball historian Marc Okkonen. Decades of painstaking research, meticulous scouring of photographs, careful examination of microfilm, and detailed study of books and magazines allowed Marc to create thousands of two-dimensional “mannequins” representing the numerous home and road uniforms worn by major league baseball clubs throughout much of the 20th century. The Hall of Fame has scanned Marc’s original drawings and incorporated them into a searchable database presented here. Marc’s images end with the 1994 season, but thanks to Major League Baseball Properties, “mannequins” for uniforms from 1995 to date are also included in the database. Finally, additional research by the staff at the Hall of Fame as well as numerous baseball researchers around the country allow us to continually correct and update this mammoth compendium

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You may also wish to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions About the Uniform Database.

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