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A pitcher named Lopez and three other fellows are fictitious ballplayers from the past. Each played for a different team, from a different era and donned a different uniform. One of the uniforms was pinstriped, another one featured a sleeveless vest jersey, a third had a zippered front and the fourth had a “military” collar. Each uniform also differed in its main color. From this information and the clues below, can you determine each player’s full name, the color and style of each player’s uniform and the era in which each man played?

  1. The uniform with the “military” collar, which isn’t blue, was worn earlier than the uniform worn by Lefty.

  2. Ace, whose last name isn’t McFinn, didn’t wear the red uniform.

  3. The uniform worn by Bobo wasn’t brown, was worn earlier than the vest jersey, and was worn in the 1950s.

  4. Rogers didn’t wear the uniform with the “military” collar, which isn’t red.

  5. Lefty, who isn’t Rogers, didn’t wear the 1970s uniform.

  6. Jones, who isn’t Bobo and didn’t wear the blue uniform, wore a uniform from a time after the brown zippered jersey.

You may find it easier to solve this puzzle by using the chart below. Enter a dot in a box to indicate a match and enter an “X” in a box to indicate an impossibility. Once a match is made, be sure to enter an “X” in the other boxes of the same row and column. For example, from clue 3 we know that Bobo played in the 1950s. So, we’ve placed a dot in the box corresponding to “Bobo” and “1950s,” and placed an “X” in each box of the same row and column.

  Jones Rogers McFinn Lopez   Blue Red Green Brown   Collar Vest Zipper Pinstr.   1910s 1930s 1950s 1970s
Bobo                         X X X
Tex                             X  
Ace                             X  
Lefty                             X  

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