was the first major leaguer to reach the 3,000-hit milestone, but just when the historic moment occurred is a mystery. In order to determine the date of a player's 3,000th hit, researchers need accurate day-by-day statistics. For 19th-century baseball, such materials do not currently exist. Therefore, an exact date for Anson's milestone hit cannot be definitively established.

Anson's final season of 1897 marked the big league debut of Louisville's Honus Wagner. Seventeen years later, Wagner joined Anson in the 3,000-Hit Club.

Cap Anson's 3,000th Hit
Date: unknown Location: unknown
Club: Chicago (NL) Opponent: unknown
Pitcher: unknown Hit: unknown
Total career hits: 3,435*
*Including five seasons in the National Association (1871-1875)
Honus Wagner

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