Estados Unidos Méxicanos

Team from Mazatlan, one of several cities that lays claim to the title, "Birthplace of Baseball in Mexico," 1907

Mexico City Diablos Rojos (Red Devils) jersey worn by third baseman Ray Dandridge, c. 1953, one of many Negro leaguers who found a welcoming, knowledgeable fan base in Latin America

Decorative bat from Mexico featuring carved images of a baseball player in the center and the eagle, Mexico's national symbol, at the top, c. 1952

In 1957, the Little League team from Monterrey, Mexico captured the imagination of the baseball world when it became the first non-U.S. club to win the Little League World Series. Pitcher Ángel Macías capped the teams run for the crown with the first perfect game ever thrown in the finals.

Bat commemorating the Little League World Series champions from Monterrey, Mexico, 1957