Making the Majors - Influx

Latin players had a big impact on the major leagues in the 1960s, while the 1980s brought an even greater influx of Latin Americans to the majors.

Mexican Fernando Valenzuela won the Rookie of the Year and Cy Young Awards for the champion Dodgers in 1981, sparking Fernandomania in the U.S. and his home country.

Record sold at Dodger Stadium in the 1980s, a musical tribute to Fernando Valenzuela

Bobblehead giveaway from Dodger Stadium in 2001, where Valenzuela is still an icon

Dennis Martínez of Nicaragua, the first Latin pitcher to throw a perfect game in the majors, retired with the most wins of any Latin American (245).

Jersey and ticket from Dennis Martínez's perfect game, July 28, 1991