Caribbean Commonalities and Traditions

Celebrating the success of fellow countrymen is one way the love of baseball is passed down to younger players and fans. Venezuela's famed succession of shortstops, the sheer volume of Dominican players, and the mystique of Clemente all continue to inspire generations of aspiring ballplayers.

Glove used by four-time All-Star shortstop Chico Carrasquel, whose 10-year major league career demonstrated that Venezuelans could play with the best

Jersey worn by Venezuelan shortstop Luis Aparicio in 1970, the year of his 11th All-Star Game and ninth Gold Glove

Venezuelan shortstop Dave Concepción of the Cincinnati Reds used this bat in the 1982 All-Star Game to knock a two-run homer, delivering all the runs the National League needed to defeat the American League, and earning the game's MVP Award.

Cleats and cap worn by Venezuela's Omar Vizquel on May 25, 2008, when he broke the record of his countryman, Luis Aparicio, for most games played at shortstop with 2,584