Would You Make It to the Majors?

Latin players on the path to the major leagues find many obstacles. Would you make it to the majors without speaking English?

1. You've been on a hot baseball field all day and need a cold drink. Which do you ask for?
a. té helado
b. juicio
c. aguacate
d alemán

2. You want to sign your first contract, but includes "un castigo por ocultar una lesión = $2,000". What's that?
a. a signing bonus
b. a monthly salary
c. a penalty for hiding an injury
d. a fee for clubhouse dues and tips

3. You're hoping to be sent into a game and finally your manager tells you "Icorre como emergente!" What do you do?
a. pinch hit
b. take the first pitch
c. pinch run
d. warm up